Get the Custom Home Remodel that Gives You the Kitchen, Bathroom, Patio, or Addition You’ve Always Wanted

How many years have you spent dreaming of having your home perfect – just like you’ve always wanted? And after all these years of fantasizing and working hard to make it happen, you’re finally ready to act.

You’ve longed to remodel your bathroom or kitchen. You can’t wait to have a patio you can enjoy time with your family on. Or, you want to create that addition to give you more comfortable space.

Which Custom Home Remodeling Company Can You Trust to Make Your Vision a Reality?

JC Custom Remodeling has more than 21 years of experience creating the bathrooms, patios, additions, and indoor or outdoor kitchens of homeowners’ dreams. Our owner’s refined a process that helps you get exactly what you want, without any stress along the way. So, you can focus on being excited about your project, and enjoying it once it comes.

More than 15 technicians help him execute your project to perfection. Because they each have more than six years of experience and have been personally vetted by us, your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed throughout the entire process. Once your project completes, you have a 100% warranty protecting you for one full year. This allows you to relax and enjoy your custom home remodel.

The most common types of projects customers request include:

  1. Custom Kitchen Remodel

Create the custom kitchen of your dreams. Ornate woodworking adds a touch of flair to help your kitchen make an astounding impression.

  1. Custom Bathroom Remodel

Transform your bathroom into one that rivals the quality of any high-end spa. Add a spacious hot tub or shower, and finish the presentation off in style with a custom sink top, cabinetry, and tiling.

  1. Custom Patio Remodel

Relax with your family in style with the perfect custom patio. If you can imagine it, our patio remodeling team can build it.

  1. Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Delight and impress your guests, and even your own family, with an outdoor kitchen. Let us help you build the one you’ve envisioned for so long.

  1. Custom Home Additions

Too crowded and need some extra space? Not only will you have additional square footage, but your custom home addition will astound you too.

Have a project in mind? Need help taking yours from idea to reality?

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