Add All the Space You Need with Your New Home Addition

Feeling cramped after living in your home for all these years? Want to make sure your guests have all the comfort they need?

You might be ready to consider a new home addition. Or, perhaps you’ve thought about it already and are just looking for the right company to help you make your ideal vision a reality.

JC Custom Remodeling has the skills and experience necessary to do whatever you want. Whether you need a simple addition constructed to just add a little more space, or if you want to create a comfortable and spacious one that delights and impresses, you can make it happen.

How Does JC Custom Remodeling Build Custom Home Additions?

To do it, we use our more than two decades of experience and strong teamwork. Our owners have greater than 21 years of experience in design and project coordination. That means you can make whatever you want happen, and that your project smoothly progresses without any major miscues.

Our owners have the support of more than 15 technicians with greater than 6 years of experience each. And they’ve all worked multiple disciplines. That means they know their primary job and everyone else’s job on the team. For you, that leads to fast project completion times without any stress, and a new home addition that’s completed on time, every time.

It also means not a single detail, no matter how minute, ever gets overlooked. Our technicians work on your new home addition just like it’s their own. They even clean the project area every day so you don’t have to worry about any mess.

We Guarantee Satisfaction with All New Home Additions

A 100% satisfaction guarantee protects you while we work on your new home addition. And a full-year, 100% warranty also protects you following completion of your project. When it’s done, you have a new home addition that perfectly suits your unique personality, and gives your guests an amazing impression they won’t forget.

To get that, call JC Custom Remodeling today at 817.401.2725.